safe + sound

The only time I get in front of the mic is for safe + sound – a bi-monthly open mic on Resonance FM, which I present and produce with my audio partner in crime, Katie Callin. Every episode we pick a theme, then invite anyone who wants to submit literally any audio they want as long as it’s under 6 minutes.

Have a lil listen!

For one of our most recent shows on Lockdown Love, I tried to create the feeling of a hug in sound to surprise my mum. You can listen here ^^

When it’s not a global pandemic, Katie and I take safe + sound out of the studio and into venues real life. Being an audio producer can be an isolating experience, so we started safe + sound live as an excuse to get the audio community hanging out with each other. We charge a small amount for tickets, then donate the proceeds to different organisations. Most recently we raised money for the direct action group I’m a part of: Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants .