VENT Documentaries was voted Podcast of the Year at the British Podcast Awards! I am so, so proud of all of our young presenters, and the amazing VENT Production team. They even gave us a billboard in Old Street! This is me jumping for joy:

VENT Documentaries also won Smartest Podcast and Best Documentary (‘Problem Kids‘) at the British Podcast Awards. AND we came Gold for Grassroots Production, Silver for Best New Presenter and Best Single Factual and Bronze for Best New Podcast at the ARIAS, and we won Silver for Grassroots Production of the Year at the Audio Production Awards! It is such an unbelievably amazing feeling for our podcast to be getting this recognition.

The judges said: ‘a brilliantly engaging listen, no matter which of its wonderful presenters was hosting. It gave a fresh insight into real lives as lived by young people, and offered opportunities for those same young people to learn new skills. Excellently produced, it was a format that the judges could see developing into something bigger than the specific location where it was made – perhaps becoming international. A series from the heart of a community that showcased new talent and touched all who heard it.’

Santos – one of our hosts said ‘it’s not that you gave us a voice, we already have a voice, it’s that you gave us a platform for people to listen to us.’ This is what I’m most proud of, and thankful for the recognition of – I think that we successfully worked with our young hosts to nurture and platform their ideas, and it made a great show! 

Read more about the whole VENT project here. Hear me and ‘Problem Kids’ host Lynette Nora talking more about the processes behind VENT here.

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