I am SO EXCITED to announce that I have been awarded Audio Content Fund support to make Fear of Missing Out: a new series all about the history we wish we’d learnt at school: our intersectional answer to the National Curriculum.  

In each episode a fearless young presenter will journey through moments of underrepresented British history to contextualise their circumstances today.  Episode topics will include: Sectarianism, immigration policies since the 1950s, trade unions, strikes and protest culture, Scottish Independence, race, gender and policing, Section 28 and the othering of queer communities in the law and the media. 

FOMO is an accessible, in depth look at the UK’s colonial, religious and political history, through the eyes of those it impacts the most.

FOMO will be broadcast in 2022 on a network of community radio stations across the UK, and on its own podcast stream.

I will be working with the incredible Steve Urquhart as my Executive Producer, and I am currently looking to hire an Assistant Producer! Details here. Come work with me!

Also, I am looking for 16-24 year olds to present the episodes, and create artwork and music for the series! More details here.

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