I’m part of the team of Alphabet Radio: a pop up queer radio station started in lockdown.

Alphabet’s Intro to Audio Course

I designed and delivered a 10 week training course for LGBTQ+ people who are interested in getting into audio production and presenting. The course ran from March – May 2021.

The course was free to attend, included one to one mentoring, weekly production training, and weekly ‘Listening Sessions’ in which our trainees had the chance to meet LGBTQ+ audio producers and presenters and listen to a piece of their work. I delivered this course with Katie Callin and Laura Blake.

I ran workshops on interviewing, presenting, remote recording and sound design. I also faciliatated the Listening Sessions, which were effectively a series of ‘In Conversations’ with queer audio producers including Ariana Martinez, Alexander Charles Adams, Jacob Edward and Ant Adeane. I really, really enjoyed interviewing people about their audio processes.

This course was run entirely for free, and we’re looking for funding to run it again. If you could help, hit me up!

Fun Music Shows

I also co-hosted a show with my pal Katie – Alphabangers – bangers made by queer artists. You can listen here:

This also allowed me to fulfil one of my lifelong dreams of photoshopping me and Katie onto Thelma and Louise. I think we can all agree my photo editing skillz are one of a kind.

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