Short Cuts – BBCR4

I’ve been lucky enough to make six mini-documentaries on BBC Radio 4’s Short Cuts.

Look Cool Be Gay

features one of my very best friends, Sylwia, talking about their personal journey into accepting their queerness. It was made for Short Cuts’ Signs and Symbols episide – here’s a link.

It’s about leaning into the grey, not having an answer for everything, and the endless potential for people of marginalised identities to support each other, simply by existing.

Bats in the Attic

is a bit about bats, and a lot about grief. Grief can be an alienating process, both for those going through it and for the people around them – I wanted to make something that could provide a language or reference point for those touched by it. This was made for Short Cuts’ Nature Documentaries episode – here’s a link.

Emelia Brooks made an animation out of a section of my piece! You can watch it here:


is about the cognitive dissonance of knowing who you are, and not being able to express it. I co-produced this with Nada Smiljanic. It was made for Short Cuts’ In Other Words episode – here’s a link.


is a short piece exploring how to find release for the anger and grief we live with that feels beyond words. It was made for Short Cuts’ Expression episode – here’s a link.

Good Company

is a little snippet into a very silly evening I spent during lockdown with my two housemates, who are two of the people I love most in the world. It was made for Short Cuts’ Small Victories episode – here’s a link.

Matt Damon

is a short action story that I co-produced with Arlie Adlington. We originally made it for KCRW’s 24hr Radio Race. Here’s a link to the full episode.

The KCRW Radio Race is SUCH a joy to be a part of – it’s funny and challenging and inspiring and silly, and you truly feel like you’re part of the international radio community. 10/10 would recommend.

Here are some behind the scenes vids of us v professionally making sound effects:

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