The UK Audio Network is a supportive community sharing advice, support and job postings. Here’s their Twitter, and a link to join.

The Entry Level Audio Network is a peer-support network for people starting out in audio – you can get involved on Twitter or Facebook, or sign up to the newsletter here

If you’re a person of colour, you can link up with POC in Audio on Twitter or make a profile on their website.

Sarah MylesRise and Shine hosts free monthly seminars and workshops for podcasts and radio. Follow them on Twitter.

I am a mentor for Arts Emergency: a charity and support network for young people in London, Greater Manchester and Merseyside. I’d recommend signing up if you’re a young person! If you’re old like me, have a look on their page to see if you could be a mentor. You get training, so anyone can do it.

The Equality in Audio Pact is a start at making our industry better. There’s a list of signatories – if you’re looking for companies to pitch to as a freelancer, this could be useful.

Sarah GeisAudio Playground is a FUN way of playing around with audio, and feeling part of a community.

Sound Me Out is a community meet up group where you can share audio you’re working on, and have feedback from your peers. It’s really friendly and welcoming, and there’s almost always oven pizza.

I love Reaper for editing! Here are some good tutorials for beginners. Here are some great tutorials for more advanced #Reapers.