The UK Audio Network is a supportive community sharing advice, support and job postings. Here’s their Twitter, and a link to join.

The Entry Level Audio Network is a peer-support network for people starting out in audio – you can get involved on Twitter or Facebook, or sign up to the newsletter here

The Multitrack Audio Fellowship is an entry level fellowship where you do paid internships at production companies, receive training, and get chances to pitch your ideas. It’s for people who are from groups that are at a disadvantage entering the audio industry, based on race, class and/or disability. Here’s their website and their Twitter.

If you’re a person of colour, you can link up with POC in Audio on Twitter or make a profile on their website.

Sarah MylesRise and Shine hosts free monthly seminars and workshops for podcasts and radio. Follow them on Twitter. I ran an interviewing class with Rise & Shine! Watch here.

I am a mentor for Arts Emergency: a charity and support network for young people in London, Greater Manchester and Merseyside. I’d recommend signing up if you’re a young person! If you’re old like me, have a look on their page to see if you could be a mentor. You get training, so anyone can do it.

The Equality in Audio Pact is a start at making our industry better. There’s a list of signatories – if you’re looking for companies to pitch to as a freelancer, this could be useful.

Sarah GeisAudio Playground is a FUN way of playing around with audio, and feeling part of a community.

Sound Me Out is a community meet up group where you can share audio you’re working on, and have feedback from your peers. It’s really friendly and welcoming, and there’s almost always oven pizza.

I love Reaper for editing! Here are some good tutorials for beginners. Here are some great tutorials for more advanced #Reapers.