No Ball Games – BBCR4

November 2021 marks the 100 year anniversary of Britain’s largest council estate: Becontree, in Barking and Dagenham, East London.

Listen to No Ball Games.

Beth Clayton and Steve Urquhart had the idea for a documentary marking the centenary that was presented by three people currently living in Becontree. They were looking for a producer who could meet, train and record with the three presenters, and they asked me. It was so, so nice to get a phone call from 2 people I really respect, asking to work with me!

I worked with three people who had never presented a radio show before – Gill, Rodrigo and Gary – who are all completely different, and utterly legendary in their own ways. My incredible co-producer Steve Urquhart then wove our recordings together, making No Ball Games.

I’m really proud of this documentary. It gently and firmly speaks to Britain’s working class history, the ruin of Right to Buy, queerness, age and privet hedges all in 27 mins.

We got some press! Here is what The Radio Times and The Guardian said about us:

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