The Unfiltered History Tour

The Unfiltered History Tour is an unofficial guide to the looted artefacts of the British Museum, told by people from the communities the objects were taken from.

The Unfiltered History Tour won the Radio and Audio Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions 2022. Read our reviews in The Guardian , The White Pube, Podcast The Newsletter, and listen on the BBC Podcast Radio Hour!

In March ’21, VICE World News asked me to design the audio element of The Unfiltered History Tour. VICE, together with Dentsu Webchutney, were designing an unofficial tour of the British Museum, intended to raise awareness about the realities of British Imperialism and Colonialism. The tour works on an Instagram filter that you use to scan the actual objects in the British Museum, revealing the true stories behind how they got there.

Having worked with VICE on VENT, they asked me to design the audio element of the tour. The result is a 10 part podcast series, and interactive 1 minute clips for the Instagram filter, narrated solely by people from the places each object was taken from.

Find out more on the Unfiltered History Tour Website.

Interviews, editing, sound design and mixing were all done by me. I worked with researcher Marthe van der Wolfe, who is a legend and a genius. My lovely execs were John Montoya and Zing Tsjeng from VICE. I also asked the incredible audio producer Calum Perrin to produce one of the episodes, which I then exec’ed.

It was a total honour to be trusted to produce the stories of everyone who shared their knowledge with us us for the tour. I’ve linked to their names where possible so you can follow their work:
Clare G Coleman
Rodney Kelly
Sharifa Balfour
Darrel Blake
Victor Ehikhamenor
Ernest Domfe
Haki Kweli Shakur
Anuraag Saxena
Fu Yiwen
Juliet Patrick
Heba Abd el Gawad
Petros Apostolakis
Sergio Mata’u Rapu
Tarita Rapu
Max J Joseph

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